Anandhi Balakrishnan

Blue Flame

A little flame in a corporate fireplace
For boundless warmth and glee.
A little flame to open up.
Your mind and set you free.
It all begins with a single name Blue Flame...

A little flame in a corporate fireplace For boundless warmth and glee. A little flame to open up. Your mind and set you free. It all begins with a single name Blue Flame...

About company

Blueflame "Igniting Minds" is one of the fastest growing HR Consulting firm, focusing on staffing solutions in Premium Segment. Blueflame is exclusively crafted niche placement service for people working in Senior and Middle Management viz.,



The company takes care of the confidentiality while carrying out the private circulation of the candidate's details. This process would be handled by the professional experts connected to the senior management of different companies.


Why Choose Us

There are as many headhunting companies as there are fish in the sea. Why should you choose us?

For starters, we offer services 365 days of the year. Our experience in the industry has naturally endowed us with a great track record and, as a result, we enjoy the best of both worlds -- not only do we have the ability to please those for whom

we head-hunt, but even the 'hunted' are pleased! As a result, we continue to grow not only as a result of expertise, but also due to the referrals of our clientele.

A quick glance at out strengths:

  • Talent acquisition
  • Expertise across private and public and niche sectors
  • Adherence to deadline, quality

In an ever-changing market, we can help you get just what you've been looking for.


Vision & Mission

Do we want to be just another HR consulting agency? Nah. We aspire to be the one-stop shop for all head-hunting and human-resource requirements, and to grow with our clients. We aim to be a reliable partner that provides tailor-made solutions based on individual needs, be it recruitment for organisations of every size and sector, or for payroll processing, training, or temporary and permenent staffing solutions..

To work in tandem with our clients' needs and exceed our targets of operational efficiency, be it finding the right talent or providing HR services in order to promote a healthy and positive workplace culture.


Our Profile

Exclusive search and known for head hunting, have placed certain critical positions in click of a second, right person at the right job. I go by attitude and the organisation culture, a profile must be having the best of qualities and deliverables but he /she should fit the culture, which is analysed and placed so that we dont waste time in replacements.

If you have any requirements do let me know, we are there to serve you in a better way.

The Blue Flame Advantage

People Planning

At Blue Flame, we ensure optimal use of human resources. Our people-planning procedures create facilities to educate job seek- ers and provide incentives. Which means your organization will have a ‘well-lit’, delightful work atmosphere with plenty of moti- vation and career development.

Recruitment Assistance

Square pegs for square holes. Backed by seasoned professionals, Blue Flame provides the right people for the right job. We understand your needs before we begin the head hunt. This proves beneficial for job seekers and employers alike.

Market Survey

Blue Flame offers market intelligence for business analysis spanning a wide range of industry verticals. For instance, we conduct SWOT analysis to zero in on strong points and to identify key areas for improvement. This helps you cash in on the opportunities that present themselves to you.

Performance Appraisal

Blue Flame prides itself in conducting fair appraisal practices with its tailor-made campaign reviews. We take special care to maintain complete transparency in the procedure, taking each little detail into account, thus making the whole process nothing less than cakewalk.

Fun Activities

Yes, we’ve all heard of the saying that goes ‘All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy’. At Blue Flame, we offer individual counseling for an in-depth under- standing of employees’ needs. Subsequently,

Payroll Administration

Blue Flame provides world-class payroll administration services. With a qualified team of professionals to handle payroll services with expertise, you can now heave a sign of relief!

Sharing Of Knowledge

Dr. Mathai Baker Fenn - Mentor in XLRI, form the Blue Flame Associate Panel. They assist Blue Flame in spreading the light through their expertise which translates into need-based training and conducting workshops for our esteemed clients - You.

Igniting minds, lighting lives.

We are Blue Flame HR Consultants. We were born to light up the corporate fireplace. We are here to build corporate families. At Blue Flame HR consulting, we understand your innate need for consistent growth that can steer you to- wards a state of lasting success.